“Alegoria in art, is a story  or message represented visually. Sometimes the literal meaning in the painting is clear, but some examples can be interpreted as having anotherparallel meaning.”

John Jefferson Apostol

Allegory in present day adds layers of depth to artwork, since artistic figures or literary characters can be meant to be both real and symbolic. Looking for such symbolism can be a fun or challenging process depending upon the artwork. Typically, modern allegory often reveals the artist’s intent or worldview. It is a of the subtext that gives the reader, viewer or observer information regarding an artist’s vision of not only how the world exists, but also how it might exist.

This exhibit will transpire at Museo de Lipa on December 5-19, 2011. There will be an opening reception on the 5th day of December at 6PM. This will be a collaboration of various artists, and guest artists like Catherine Hipolito, Ivan Borbon, Mhelen Hassim, and Ren Quinio will also be featured.

A mixed collection of hyperrealism, realism to exaggerated expressions, and this exhibit will definitely be a variation of exuberance to brutal – for some would take literal turns in their figurations, others relying on symbolism and suggested form. This experience is a gateway to alter, to convey, or to just simply to play with our perceptions and feelings, an invitation for communication and a closer view of concepts that can penetrate our individualities.

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