Casa de Segunda

198 Calle Rizal, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Tel: +63 (43) 784-1952

The Luz-Katigbak Ancestral House

“In the glorious years between 1886 and 1888 when the Philippines was still a Spanish Colony, the town of Lipa boasted fame and unprecedented prosperity as the world’s sole supplier of coffee beans. People all over the country talked of its rich aristocracy. It was in this era that Casa de Segunda was built.” A typical “Bahay na Bato”, it is Spanish in architecture, yet essentially a tropical house. The dramatic arrangements of space, use of masonry and sense of grandeur and solidity are practical response to environment and charming record of history.

Partly damaged by the Second World War in 1942, the house was remodeled in 1956 by Segunda Katigbak’s daughter, Paz Luz Dimayuga. The grandchildren of Paz, who were born and raised here, restored the house in 1996 to its original form and grandeur, its fountain, fishponds, and orchards.

Casa de Segunda is named after Segunda Solis Katigbak who is known as the first love of Dr. Jose Rizal. To quote his biography, “His first infatuation was a little Lipeña by the name of Segunda. She was not the most beautiful woman I had ever seen but I have not met another more alluring and beguiling. I have already heard about her and that she was going to get married to a relative of hers. Indeed, I noticed a tall man neatly dressed who seemed to be her fiancé, thus, ended his first love which mourned in his journal.”

That tall man was Manuel Metra Luz who came from one of the most prominent families of Lipa (Katigbak, Luz, Roxas, Altamirano, Calao). The Luz Clan were a family of poets and scholars. Manuel married Segunda at the young age of 16 in 1879 and in that very house was blessed with nine equally bright and gifted children namely Cristeta, Manuel Jr., , Flora, Justa Ynes, Arsenio, Valeriano, Maria Paz, Julio, and Fernando.

These nine children had passed on these gifts and talents to their children and grandchildren. In cooperation with the National Historical Commission, Casa de Segunda, having been declared as a heritage house, is proud to honor these outstanding men and women who had contributed to the remnants of the past- be it in the cultural, historical, and the arts – “All echo the timeless qualities of Lipa reminding both residents and visitors alike that those olden days of prosperity need not be a distant memory.”

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15 Responses to Casa de Segunda

  1. di-ann says:

    how can we go to casa de segunda

  2. Mayroon po bang kailangan kausapin na tao kung sakaling ako at ang aking pamilya ay dadalaw sa Casa de Segunda? Mayroon po bang mga panuntunan na dapat sundin sa loob ng makasaysayang bahay na iyon?

  3. ruth lewis says:

    hello, thanks for the infos here. very informative. my husband (british) and i are coming to see lipa city on june 2011.. so am now researching on places that we can visit in lipa just for a day or so. thanks again.

  4. Charmel Javier says:

    Good day! we’re planning to visit your place. open po ba ang casa segunda this sunday,Sept.10? any visiting hours? Allowed po ba ang kumuha ng videos at photos? Magkano po entrance fee? Gumagawa po kasi kme ng TELEMAG. We will wait your reply till tomorrow sept.9 ,9:00 a.m. Thanks. 🙂

  5. anabella says:

    i heard our batch in lasalle always hold their reunion here, but not really sure if thats because they know someone or is this venue really open for functions? pls let me know if its really open for private parties and if so how much is it and for how many hours we can reserve it.
    do you also do catering as well? thanks, anabella doble

  6. jessica says:

    is there any entrance fee?

  7. Grace salgado says:

    hi, the place is nice and we want to visit it.madadaan po ba namin toh pag pupunta kami ng Gerthel Beach sa Lobo. We planned to have side tours sa mga historical places na madadaanan namin papuntang Lobo, Batangas.
    Thanks po

  8. Aimee Lou says:

    How can we go there commuting thru bus from tarlac? Could we have a pre-wedding pictorial?What are your timings? How much it would cost us? Thank you po 🙂


  9. arrian alquiza says:

    Republic of the Philippines

    July 10, 2012



    Hi! I am Miss Arrian P. Alquiza, a student from University of Northern Philippines. I send a mail to your good office for we are planning to have a fieldtrip in Manila this October 21-25, 2012. We are a student enrolled under Rizal 101 and one of our chosen sites to visit is CASA DE SEGUNDA KATIGBAK.

    In connection to this, may we know the entrance fee for 60 pax plus 1 faculty instructor to visit your place? We are to visit by the 24th of October 2012.

    Hoping for your positive response to this matter.
    Thank you and God bless!

    Sincerely yours,
    AB Tourism IV

  10. applepie says:

    hi this is cathy mam / sir we are a travel and tours since the school is opening now we have offer for educational trip how much the charge ? sino po kakausapin ko po pls email me at
    thanks a lot

  11. Danny says:

    Dear sir/ madam
    We would like to visit case de segunda tomorrow, aug 20th. Please can you kindly confirm opening times, entrance fees and information on guided tours if any.

    Many thanks

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