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Lipa City Tourism Council and Museo de Lipa

Office Address: Plaza Independencia Site, Pres. L. Katigbak St., Poblacion, Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines 4217

Fax and (043)-784-2537



13 Responses to Contact us

  1. as a proud lipeno, i am supporting your website and group.

    hope there will be more batanggenyo bloggers who will do the same.

    your website link and review will soon be published on my website and facebook group to gain more support.

    more power to you guyz! let’s all make lipa city batangas stand online!

  2. jules says:

    I’m glad this website was put up knowing Lipa is one of the many rich cities in terms of culture and history. I hope more stories and articles about Lipa will come out soon.

    I was just wondering where I can find the “Markers of the Burial Grounds of Japanese Massacre” which was listed under Lipa’s Historical Sites in Wikipedia ( I am also very interested where to find/how to get to the Museo ng Katipunan and the Peace Tower. I am a Lipena and I would love to get to know my city more by visiting these sites.


  3. jules says:


  4. Joshua says:

    You have a very nice website, the layout is clean and functional. You surely placed a lot of efforts on the contents. Thank you guys for a really good job in promoting our city. I’m a real Lipeño myself and I’m proud of what you guys did. Thank you so much.

    I have just added a link to your site on my website so my visitors will find you too.

    God bless you.

  5. Mon Umali says:

    hello to the admin. 😉 i’m a communication student of De La Salle Lipa, and we’re conducting a Public Relations Plan in which we have chosen your office as our ‘mock’ client. We will be having a promotion of Lipa’s Tourism and Heritage, and we would like to ask for your help in providing us much information we need in the research process. We are glad to visit your office on some moment, if you are pleased to assist or help us in giving us directions, brief histories and locations in line with the concern. We are really hoping for the local gov support, and so for your positive response. Thank you!

    • lipatourism says:

      Hi please visit the Lipa Tourism Council Office. It’s located at the back of Plaza Independencia near Cathedral de San Sebastian. You may look for Tito Alex A. Maralit – Lipa Tourism Council President and Tito Bert Mojares – Office secretary.

  6. mike cruz, manager says:

    Hi, I am Mr Mike Cruz, an owner of a travel agency here in Antipolo/Manila. I will be joining a bid for CSB DLSU students who will visit Casa Segunda on 26 to 29 Nov, comprising of at least 65 student per trip/batch or group. they will come for 4 days to do the same thing

    what i would like to ask is if you could arrange a snack for my group, then arrange for a cooking demo – hands on demo with the students on the following: suman, empanada and bibingka. then if i will win in this bid, i will need to get the recipes of the suman, empanada, and bibingka which they will demonstrate on the said dates, for distribution among the student participants.

    further, you can also set up a selling both on the said dates for pasalubongs for sale among s the students

    please send me a quote asap by 30 oct at my email at pls send me your lowest possible and best competitive price as this is a bidding process for students.

    you can also reach me at 0917 822 0365 for any clarifications.

    all the best,

    Mike Cruz
    The T Shop Travel and Tours
    0917 822 03 65

  7. Clarissa Africa Rubio says:

    Pls consider adding the names of: Dr. Candido Africa scientist & Dean Francisco Africa of FEU. Candido Africa was a well known scientist who first dicovered parasites that affected the heart. He wrote many scientific aretivles in interational journals & at least 2 scientific medical books still being sold on the internet until the present time. Unfortunately he was killed by the Japanese duringbthe war. You can look up info on the internet to verify these.
    Thank you.

    • Reyes A. Arevalo says:

      Attention to Clarissa Africa-Rubio.

      My name is Reyes Africa Arevalo and read about Don Francisco M. Africa of Lipa. My mother was from Lipa but left for Masbate to live there. Her late siblings included Rosario Africa (Charing) who was married to a lawyer, Francisco Custodio, whose brothers were Jose, Alfredo (son Oscar, daughters Ester Roca and Puring Acuna) and Roberto ( children were Leyte, Loni and Tessie).Please advise if you are related to them. Am currently based in the East Coast, my home since 1981. I will be grateful if you can help. Warmest.

      • lipatourism says:

        Hi Mr. Arevalo,

        Can you please provide me the exact date of birth of your mom and do you know the names of your grandparents at least? I may be able to find out from her baptismal record if they are related to the family of Clarissa Africa?

        Renz Katigbak

  8. Aubrey Sangalang says:

    Are you open from Mondays to Fridays?

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