Geography and Climate

Panoramic View of Lipa City

Lipa City has a  land area of 20,940 hectares and an elevation of 1025 ft. above sea level.

Climate: Generally cool and enjoys an invigorating climate throughout the year except on several occasions when typhoon occur and during summer season. Lipa earned for itself as the “third coolest city” next to Baguio City and Tagaytay City.

Lipa City’s fishing ground is located at Barangay Halang, which is at the west district of the city. It was considered as the first settlement of Lipa before the Taal Volcano erupted in the 18th Century. It is actually a portion of Taal Lake which is connected to other municipalities – Cuenca, Mataas na Kahoy and Balete.

Average yearly temperature is 23°C.Tropical with uneven rainfall all year around. Highest recorded temperature was 35.7 Degrees Celsius. Lowest recorded temperature was 16.4 Degrees Celsius. It is dry from January to May. Wet from June to December.


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